What Are CME's

To be Registered by AAMP, along with paying an annual membership fee, each person must acquire at least ten (10) Continuing Medical Education units (CME's). During each certificate year you will need to earn 10 CME's to stay current. NO certificate(s) will be issued until CME's are submitted.  A CME is one clock hour of additional medical training.There are many ways you can meet this requirement. 

There are many ways you can meet this requirement.  Any of the following will work as well as other medical training:

  • Attending seminars and workshops

  • Going online at www.aamp.net for articles/quizzes

  • Renewing or getting a CPR card

  • Meeting with drug representatives

  • Completing tests in trade journals

  • Attending in-service training sessions at work 

Please submit your yearly CME's no later than 30 days prior to your certificate expiring if you wish to avoid paying a late fee AND receive your new certificate within a reasonable amount of time.  If you pay your renewal fee on time to avoid a late fee, but do not submit your CME's until a few days before your certificate expires, you will NOT have your new certificate back in your hands before your old one expires.  We will NOT send your new certificate until all ten (10) of your yearly required CME's are received by this office.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

The following will NOT count towards your CME's and will be DENIED if submitted:

  • Volunteer hours

  • Non-medical classes

  • Normal work hours (What you were hired by the company to do on a normal basis)

  • Newspaper articles/articles without accompanying graded quizzes

  • Date completed NOT in the certificate year being submitted

  • NO date(s) listed as to when the class was taken

  • CME's previously submitted to our office 

You may choose one of three options for submitting CME's that are not purchased from the AAMP website:

1. Mail copies of the CME's to our mailing address:

6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd #306, Winter Haven, FL 33884

2. Fax copies of the CME's to: 866-562-0764

3. Submit CME information to our website: www.aamp.net

However you choose to submit your CME's, the following information should ALWAYS be included:
  1. Your complete legal name (if you have recently had a name change, please include both your previous and current name)

  2. Your Registry number(s)

  3. Date of class or training (month & year)

  4. Title of class or training

  5. Number of credits earned or clock hours of training

This information will ensure that your CME's are credit to your account and that the ocrrect number of CME's will be credited to you.

Please remember: If you do not meet BOTH of the renewal requirements each year, you are NOT registered and will NOT receive your new, updated certificate(s).  ALL MEMBERS must meet the same requirements.

If you would like to change your name, mailing address or have any questions, please notify our office either by phone at 888-751-5717 or on our website.  Keeping your current mailing address on file with the AAMP office is the only way we have to keep in touch with you.