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We are transitioning to a new online testing platform using Moodle and expect to fully operational on this platform for all of our testing by the end of May, 2017.  This will include both School sponsored exams as well as exams sought by professionals already working who have certifications/licenses for Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist that have expired.

If you are not a student with one of our participating schools and are seeking information on our exams and how to take one to achieve your legally necessary Medical Assisting or Phlebotomist Technician certification and license, you will first need to contact our office at 888-751-5717 during normal business hours.  There are several steps that need to be performed to ensure you are qualified to sit for either of these exams with us.

For those students who have completed all the necessary qualification steps and receive confirmation that you are able to sit for our exam(s), here is what you can expect:

1. Fill out the below "Moodle Account Setup Request Form" with all applicable details for yourself.  This will give our team all the information we need to setup your student account in our exam platform.  Once you have done this, please allow up to three (3) business days for us to actually setup your Moodle account in our system and enroll you in the proper course to be able to take the necessary exams.  When this is complete, you will receive an email to the email address you provided in the request form.  Please be on the look out for this as this will contain your initial login password.

2. Once you have received your email with your Moodle login password, please follow the link, login and change your password, as required.  Once you're logged in, click the course you are enrolled in and complete any necessary quiz items or application items that are required.

  • Policies & Procedures.  This is a required item that must be passed with 100%.  You have unlimited times to take this but no other exams will open up until this has been completed and passed with 100%
  • Membership Application.  This is also a requirement to fill out and submit in order to join our registry.  Becoming a member requires this to be filled out and submitted as well as passing one or both of our exams for you to be considered legal and able to work.  If you pass one or both of the exams but do NOT fill this out this application, you will not receive your certificate from us.  However, this does NOT have to be filled out before you take the exam.  You may login to your account after you are finished and fill this out, if you wish.

3. The below Moodle LMS Website link will always allow you to login at any time to your AAMP Moodle account.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 888-751-5717 during regular business hours.

Moodle LMS Website

This will direct you to the login page for our Moodle website.  In order to login, you must already have a moodle account created in order to be able to login to moodle. 

If you are a student in one of our participating schools who will be taking their test shortly with us AND your Instructor used the below "Moodle Account Setup Request Form" to register you, you should have received the Moodle Welcome Email with your auto-generated password.  If they did but you did not receive this welcome Moodle email, please click the above link and use the Lost Password link on the left with your email address to ensure you have been registered.  If your email address is in our Moodle system, you will receive an email with a link to change your password. 

If you do not receive this email, please use the Moodle Account Setup Request Form link to send us your information so we can check our records for a school and instructor whom you are to be testing with so we can register your correct email address with our Moodle System.

Moodle Account Setup Request Form.

Students: Please fill out this as accurately as you can, ensuring the email address is correctly spelled.  Once filled out, please be on the lookout for a welcome email from our Moodle System with instructions on initially logging into your Moodle account.  This email will contain your one time use, auto generated password to login to Moodle.  This email may take up to 24 hours to arrive to your email account.

Instructors: Please have your students fill this out with their personal email address to ensure their email address is correctly sent to us.  This form is sent to us and will give us the information we need to create accounts for your students.  FIlling this out does not immediately create their moodle account. 

Please instruct them to fill this out and submit this atleast one week prior to any anticipated testing.  This is to ensure the student receives their login to our online testing platform and login to become familiar with the system as well as give them ample time to complete our "Policies and Procedures" quiz.  This quiz MUST be taken and passed with 100% prior to any other exam being unlocked for the students.  We will still need all instructors to send us a list of your students that will be testing so the students can be added to the correct testing group in our system.



Below you will find study guides for the Registered Medical Assistant test as well as the Phlebotomy study guide.  Please be aware, the questions on the study guide will NOT be on the actual test and are for study purposes only.

*Note* These study guides as well as the answer sheets are in PDF format.  If you do not have a PDF viewer, simply click the Get Adobe Reader button below.

Registered Medical Assistant Study Guide Adobe
Registered Medical Assistant Study Guide - Answer Sheet Adobe
Phlebotomy Study Guide Adobe
Phlebotomy Study Guide - Answer Sheet Adobe

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