Policies & Procedures

Policy and Procedures

Phone Calls to AAMP Office:

Please have your Registry number available before placing a call to our office. All customer service representatives are better able to serve you in a timely manner if you are able to provide your Registry number.

Faxing Procedure:

Please make sure your Registry number(s) and email address are provided on the cover sheet. It is suggested that your Registry number(s) should be written on each page before faxing.  We will email a response regarding your FAX within 24 hours.

Address/Name Changes and Email Addresses:

We must have a current mailing address and email for our office to effectively communicate with each of our members. Failure to provide these important changes could result in delays or lost certificates. This may result in the member paying a postage/reprint fee.  Notifying the Post Office will not change your mailing address with our office.  You may use the online form to update our office at any time.  Also, on the statement that is mailed out 8 weeks prior to your renewal due date, please make sure to give us your email address and current mailing address.

Payment Due Date/Expiration Date:

The following list is your due date if your:

Certificate expires Feb. 28th each year-Your due date is Feb1st

Certificate expires May31st each year-Your due date is May1st

Certificate expires August 31st- Your due date is August 1st

Certificate expires November 30th-Your due date is November 1st

Payment received on the 1st for each of these groups gives you a guarantee your new certificate will be received before your old one expires.  Due to the “HITECH Act”, employees must have a current certificate to work.

Late Fees:

Payment made after the 1st for each renewal group will require you to add a renewal late fee to your cart when making your payment/or added to your check or money order. The late fee is $20.00 per certificate. All payments made after the 1st without the late fee will result in your certificates being delayed until the late fee is paid. To pay your late fee, log onto aamp.net and go to Renewals/Payments and choose the 3rd item on the list. Remember to add 2 to your cart if you have more than one certificate.

CME’s: (Continuing Medical Education):

All members are required to provide documentation, or certificates of completion, for 10 CME’s, or 10 hours of additional training, for their annual renewal.  NO certificate(s) will be issued until your CME requirement is completed.  To read about all the different ways you can meet this requirement, please see our “What are CME’s?”.

Letter of Good Standing:

The fee for this service is $25.00.  If you do not make your payment by your due date, and your employer requires you to get this document to continue working, you will need to log onto aamp.net and go to Renewal/Payments. Choose the 4th item on the list; add to your cart and process your payment.  Our customer service staff will process your payment the same day. We will mail the letter to the email provided on the order unless we hear from you. Regardless if you or your employer requests the document, the member is responsible to pay the fee of $25.00.

Replacement of Lost Certificate(s):

The fee for this service is $5.00 per certificate.  If your certificate(s) have been lost and need to be reprinted, you will need to log onto aamp.net and go to Renewal/Payments.  Choose the 7th item on the list; add to your cart and process your payment. Our customer service staff will process your payment the same day and put your request in line to be printed.  Reprinting/Mailing of your new certificate(s) will take up to 3 weeks from date of purchase for you to receive the new certificate(s).

Lapsed/Expired Certificate(s):

If you do not make a payment and submit your 10 CME’s for two years, you will automatically fall into the RE-TEST group. You will need to call our office and request an Informative Packet to be sent to you. Do not contact your former school concerning re-testing, since they do not have the necessary paperwork you will need to complete for re-testing.  Our office will email this Informative Packet to you.  Included in this packet will be an application; a letter explaining required documents we may need from you along with the cost and options you have for making an examination fee payment; and a bibliography of books you might want to locate for examination review. You MUST receive your Informative Packet before you make your examination fee payment.

Testing Dates:

If you are in the RE-TEST group, or are interested in testing with AAMP for the first time,no testing dates will be given to you until the completed Informative Packet and examination fee have been submitted to our office.  You may mail in a money order for your examination fee or log onto aamp.net and go to Renewals/Payments and choose the 8th item on the list.  You will receive an email from us when we have received your Informative Packet and examination fee.  This email will list any possible testing dates we have available for you.

Examination Results:

No examination results will be given over the phone from the AAMP office.  Please do not call in requesting them, as our customer service staff will only be able to deny your request and suggest that you contact your Examination Proctor for results.